A holiday is usually already expensive enough without yet another cost. However many government agencies, travel agents and even the general public are highlighting the need for some form of Travel Insurance.

Travel insurance is considered a short-term insurance policy available specifically for travel related emergencies and expenses.

There are a number of reasons why travel insurance is important and these include:

Median emergency and evacuation; that is, whenever one falls sick during the journey or situations where one needs to be transported back home for treatment. It is one of the main reasons why most people buy this policy. If you are that person with an ongoing illness, traveling to underdeveloped countries or anywhere in the world; there could be chances that you may fall sick or get an injury during the trip. This may require medical attention. The policy will reimburse you for the cost of medication, doctor’s visit and medical evacuation out of the country. In most cases, the health insurance back in your home country may not cover you whenever you’re out of the country. This makes traveling insurance really important. That is, if you are an American, the American health insurance may not cover you if you fall sick in the United Kingdom. Be sure to check every detail of the travel health insurance policy to know all that it covers.

Trip cancellation; not all cover trip cancellation however, trip cancellation or interruption coverage is covered by most travel insurance policies. There are unforeseen circumstances which can force you to cancel a trip. For instance, if the train delays due to bad weather, you fall ill or other commitments crop up (an emergency which cannot be avoided). One good thing about this insurance policy is that it may cover the expenses incurred due to the cancellation of the trip. In fact, there are some which cover non-refundable tickets and missed connections. Remember, this can be a life saver in case flight delay, confusing airport terminal etc.

Baggage and personal belongings; in most circumstances, travelers will be expected to take reasonable care of their property since the claim may be denied if items the property is left in a shared room. Not all travel insurance policies cover for this and thus be sure that the one you opt for covers for your baggage and personal belonging. Closely related to this is the personal liability cover. Only some policies will cover for this and thus it is important to read the description of the coverage.

Travel insurance also gives you a peace of mind and confidence while traveling. How do you feel when you are sure you have someone you can contact in case of an emergency; say you have lost your purse or passport? Some insurance policies come with other benefits such as offering free telephone assistance worldwide which is available 24/7. They help their clients’ book flights, replace lost passports etc.

Going by the recent statistics, chances of accidents, sickness, theft or any other unfortunate events are really common. It doesn’t matter how cautious or keen you are; disasters can and do happen. It is a travel insurance policy that can save you from these unforeseen situations. This is a clear indication why travel insurance is important. There are different insurance policies available today and thus, going for one which gives you adequate coverage is really important. Always be free to discuss all the details of the policy with the travel agents. You must know everything that your travel insurance covers.