Travel Insurance; The Truth Revealed, What is Covered and Not Covered

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Even the best planned vacations can disrupt your itinerary and cost you a lot of money. Insurance should actually be part of traveling budget- anything awful can happen while you are travelling, you may lose your luggage, you may get sick or you may get accident.

Travel insurance is meant to cover risks and address situation involved in travel. It provides coverage from the time you leave to the time you return to your country. For example, the insurance may reimburse you for any item or baggage that you may lose during your trip. This is particularly very important if you are carrying very expensive electronic equipment or jewelry, or you are planning to buy items of very high value such as local antiques.

Medical insurance tends to be limited to a certain geographical area, without travel insurance, you will have to pay for any medical treatment you get while abroad. This is not only stressful, but also very expensive. Imagine you have lost your baggage, you are sick and broke in a foreign country? If you are travelling in countries where there is real health risk, (such as West Africa with Ebola outbreak, or tropical countries where malaria is a real threat), travel insurance is very important.

It is also good to get insurance in case of accident. Most people deem travel insurance too expensive, but incase of accident in a foreign country, medical expense without travel insurance can result in a total financial ruin with ramifications that may last a lifetime.

If you are planning to drive outside your country, you may also need travel insurance. Many automobiles insurance do not provide protection outside the country you live. You don’t what to imagine the cost you can incur if you smashed a rental car in a foreign country! Remember, you are in foreign country with unfamiliar driving rules and unfamiliar roads.

Travel insurance can also be the safe net when in distress or distraught. Imagine if crisis hit the country where you do not know the city well, probably you don’t speak their language or you cannot locate the nearest emergency centre. When in such situation or any other situation requiring help right away, you can look at the travel insurance company, contact them for immediate help.

Travel insurance is also very important because it covers unexpected happens that may force your trip to be canceled. The policy may provide part or all the money spent on accommodations, plane ticket and any other expense, but what is compensated will depend on the policy. Travel insurance will help to lessen financial impact in case of cancellation. Travel insurance will also help in case of long delays.

Why take travel insurance while still covered by the regular insurance?

Many people think that their medical policies, homeowners’ credit card and automobile policies are very extensive that they automatically provide protection anywhere in the world, this is not always the case. It is good to take additional coverage provided by travel protection. Travel insurance is the only guarantee, you can take your vacation with a peace of mind.

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